rapist says ankle bracelet hurst his confidence

It never ceases to amaze me to see a Liberal agenda working its evil magic overseas, the very same type of agenda they are salivating to force upon an embattled Constitutional Republic in the United States. Take for example an Australian convicted rapist named Darren Michael Costello. Found guilty of raping a 14 year old girl in 1995, he was released from prison in 2010, even though the Australian Attorney General made an official request to keep him locked up under their Dangerous Prisoners Sexual Offenders Act.

After becoming a free man, he still needed to conform to the terms of his parole. One of those terms was to wear an ankle bracelet so the authorities know where he is at all times. Costello is now claiming that the horrible ankle bracelet is actually hurting his confidence, making his life more difficult.

There might be a familiar itch forming in the back of your mind. You may have seen this type of campy emotional pleading before. In the United States, such an agenda is currently being pushed through Common Core Standards upon students, popularly called Social-Emotional Skills. In an effort to develop hope as a factor in being successful, students are taught about 'mindfulness' and how it can help them tackle and resolve problems.

This common Liberal stance has found a way to benefit certain Australian criminals, as the Left has been eating away at that country for decades. What kind of lesson can Americans learn from this tragic blending of crime and Liberal dogma?

For the rapists, or any other criminal element, it means another possible chance at committing more crimes. Pedophiles are notorious for being repeat offenders, often passing many levels of psychological evaluations, getting their parole issued, just to end up back into the criminal justice system once again. Society suffers another victim, most who never truly heal from such crimes. Even to the point of killing themselves.

As for Darren Costello, the controversy of the 43 year old monster in human skin is far from over. Claiming 'emotional anguish' caused by wearing the ankle bracelet is destroying his life, as well as preventing him from getting employment, he's hoping for a judge to shed a tear and have the device removed. If he gets a Liberally educated Judge, he may just get his wish, uproar or no uproar.

The 14 year old girl that Costello raped was so traumatized by the incident that she even committed suicide. Did she get to appeal for emotional damage when Costello violated her in both body and spirit? Of course not. These are the consequences of a Liberal agenda being thrust upon a society, and yes, they usually start with such garbage in the public school system.

As we can clearly see, Liberals believe that Social Emotional Skills are a concept for an acceptable society, when all such a thing can do is offer a measure of possible amnesty to pedophiles who learn how to game such a system for their own perverted use.

Hopefully, Americans who care more about the victims than the criminals, will work towards a more effective criminal justice system, and can politely put a stop to any Liberal Social Emotional Skills development early on... before Liberals can convince legions of young future voters to fall for that nonsense.



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