Denton County (TX) Sheriff candidate, Tracy Murphree said something profound with respect to the gender identification bathroom hysteria gripping our nation. He called it “craziness.”

He also said that if his daughter is using the bathroom and some man, “regardless of how he may identify” opts to follow her in, then that man “will identify as a John Doe until he wakes up in whatever hospital he may be taken to.” You see, Mr. Murphree “identifies” as an “overprotective father.”

Awesome! Go Murphree!

Then, he went and apologized.


People, quit apologizing for your opinion. Quit apologizing because somebody misinterprets a “promise of action” for a threat.  AND, you LGBTQ crowd out there…start standing up for kids. If you care so much about kids and their “acceptance” by society if they are “trans,” then protect them from the very thing you fear--assault.

Perverts will take advantage of kids whenever they can, and a bathroom is prime hunting grounds. You LGBTQs fear someone assaulting you because you dress like the opposite sex.

Most parents worry about their small children being molested or raped by a pedophile taking advantage of the LGBTQ potty position.

It is not you we are worried about. We don’t care if you are lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender or questioning.  

We are worried about the perverts who are choosing to hide in your ranks. We are disturbed you are so willing to provide them safe harbor.

Source: Mad World News


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