Our men and women who wear the blue of law enforcement have been the butt of a massive main-stream media and race-baiter smear campaign that has been quite extraordinary to witness.

While many of us have been completely disgusted by the public display of ginned up hatred toward law enforcement.

We also recognize that for the most point our voices, in support of law enforcement, are not and will not be heard.

Enter Chick-fil-A.

They too have been the target of slanderous campaigning by the media and liberals nationwide.

Not being a business to shy away from controversy, Chick-fil-A has entered the fray.

They are donning a new uniform in support of law enforcement.

The uniform is their classic Chick-fil-A t-shirt, emblazoned by “Back the Blue” in recognition of America’s finest and they are more than happy to serve our nation’s front-line first responders who keep us safe from harm.

Source: Qpolitical



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