It would seem almost impossible for a young girl to hide her pregnancy from her parents for the entire 9-months, and yet Mubashra Uddin, 19, did just that.

Afraid of how her Muslim parents would react after giving birth the Chicago teen apparently panicked upon hearing her mother approach her room, and dropped the seven pound 11-once infant girl out the window.

The infant plummeted eight floors suffering extensive injuries, including fractures to her skull, spine and ribs, a broken shoulder, and a lacerated liver and bowl, miraculously the baby was still alive when found outside the high-rise apartment house, however she succumbed to her injuries and died a short while later at the hospital.

Uddin has been charged with first degree murder, and is currently behind bars with no bond.

Assistant state attorney Patrick Turnrock surmised that because both parents were Pakistani and Muslim and would disapprove of the pregnancy, Uddin panicked and dropped the infant out the window.


According to reports the DeVry University student became pregnant by her boyfriend and only told him and a friend that she was expecting. She hid the pregnancy from her family by wearing clothing that concealed the bump.

All too often we hear instances of so-called honor killings among Muslims where a father or mother decides a daughter has brought shame upon the family and the only way to right the wrong, is by killing the one who has brought the shame.

Source: Right Wing News


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