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Most thinking Americans would agree, that contemporary art, whether on canvas, within the printed word or on film, is usually a reflection of society, and perhaps for some an uncomfortable truth, in recognizing what they've immortalized.

Director Spike Lee appeared on NBC’s Meet the Press to promote his new movie, Chi Raq.

The movie takes place in Chicago, a city with strict gun control laws, and yet still has over 480 homicides per year, and when asked what the takeaway for the film was, Lee said;

“I want people to think about guns. That’s the takeaway for this film. Eighty Eight Americans die every day due to gun violence. That adds up to more than thirty-two thousand a year.”

When asked about why Chicago’s black on black violence is being under-reported, Lee explained,

“It’s not Sandy Hook.”

Implying that perhaps black on black crime is in essence the fault of “white society,” thus the “artist” (Lee), has achieved his two main goals, in creating a reflection of a segment of society, “blacks murdering blacks”, while still remaining true to his legions of black fans, as a brooding black maverick film maker, exposing “white racism, regardless of the carnage being committed by those black thugs, who in all probability are big fans of Lee.

The obvious and inconvenient truth is that the “windy city” like most inner cities is run by progressive Democrats and in most cases by black city officials, both on a local and national level…Spike does the name Obama ring a bell?

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