The Clintons seemed to have missed the memo that nobody likes them. Hillary is disliked, Bill is disliked, and you can throw Chelsea in there, too. Didn't it come to light not long ago that she used money from the Clinton Foundation to fund her own lavish wedding?

Chelsea is at it again, this time promoting women's rights by promoting a concept that is the very antithesis of women's rights.

Chelsea spoke in praise of the latest Barbie iteration released by Mattel. The toy company released a Barbie doll in a hijab, in honor of Ibtihaj Muhammad, who became the first U.S. athlete to compete while donning a hijab at the 2016 games.

Chelsea made the following tweet in response:

"LOVE this. Barbie made their first hijab-wearing shero doll in honor of American fencing star Ibtihaj Muhammad."

It's funny how the Clintons constantly peddle about women's rights despite the sexual misconduct of Clinton patriarch Bill. Even more damning is the fact that the Clintons raked in millions of dollars from Middle Eastern countries with horrid women's rights abuses.

So Chelsea thinks a hijab-wearing Barbie is a sign of progress and diversity?

Here are some facts regarding a woman's role in accordance with Sharia law:

  • wives are considered property and can be beaten by their husbands
  • marriage and sexual abuse by adult men against minor girls are permissible
  • women don't have the same divorce rights as their husbands
  • in war, it's permissible for men to hold female captives and rape them

Of course, for Chelsea and her ilk, the hijab is a sign of diversity in a western society dominated by whiteness.

It should be noted that the Clinton Foundation is going broke as donations have dried up in light of the election scandals. Perhaps this is just the younger Clinton's way of staying relevant now that she can no longer rely on the foundation for financial leverage.

There have been talks that Chelsea may run for office in the future. It's her prerogative if she chooses to do so, but she is clearly just another established Democrat with too much of her corrupt parents rubbing off her.

Is Chelsea just preaching to the choir by ranting about how awesome a hijab-wearing Barbie is?

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