“Plagiarism” in the wonderful wacky world of book publishing, is one of those innocuous pitfalls that almost all authors at one time or another find themselves in, usually without willful intention, it could be a phrase rattling in your head, or a concoction of random writings that somehow becomes a cohesive tale, and somehow claimed as an original piece by someone else.

If you’re the daughter of a former president almost anything you scribble on paper, would almost assuredly become a “best seller.”

And perhaps that’s the reason why Christopher Kimberley has filed a federal lawsuit in New York City for $150,000 claiming that Chelsea Clinton stole, robbed and yes plagiarized his “idea” for her “best-selling” feminist (I like it already) children's book, entitled “She Persisted.”

Kimberley, 56, claimed he wrote a book in 2013 with a section including quotes from three of the women Clinton's book 'She Persisted' featured; however it’s not clear if his book was actually published, which would actually bolster his claim.

He also claims in court documents obtained by DailyMail.com, that he submitted his idea proposal via Facebook to Penguin Random House but he never heard back.

Kimberley also claims the president of Penguin Young Readers US must have read his submission and used the idea for Clinton's book, which has been on the Times best-selling children's picture book list for five weeks.

Kimberley pointed out that his book contains 15 quotes and stories from historical figures such as Helen Keller, Harriet Tubman and Nellie Bly in its 'Quotable Questionnaire' section.

Remarkably Clinton's book features 13 stories and quotes including those three women.

Obviously, the lawsuit if it does make it to court will eventually come down to actual evidence, timelines, dates of publications, and not on assumptions or speculation. “Plagiarism” is difficult to prove and no one has a “monopoly on ideas.”

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Source: Daily Mail

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