Ah… searching for the perfect Mother’s Day gift for Mom.

Moms were always appreciative of a handmade card when their children were little, but adults know mom deserves something more on her special day.

Most people will increase Hallmark’s earnings by purchasing a card, while others send flowers and many, who live in the same city, take Mom out to brunch to celebrate together.

Chelsea Clinton Mezvinsky, mother of a toddler with another baby on the way, is the only child of former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who hopes to become the first woman president in the nation’s history.

She lives in a $10 million apartment in New York City and left a $600,000-year job as a correspondent for NBC to work for the family business – The Clinton Foundation, but even Chelsea struggled to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

And then it hit her: Why not an online email fundraising campaign for Mom?

How better to let your Mother know you appreciate the morning sickness, labor pains, and the years of love and support than to solicit money for her from complete strangers?

The subject line of Chelsea’s email asks: “Will your name be on my mom’s card?” but doesn’t mention that a credit or debit card number will be requested for you to have the privilege of being on Hillary’s Mother’s Day card from her daughter.

The message asks the recipient to “take a moment to add your name and send my mom some good thoughts? We’re going to give her the card and all the signatures on Sunday, and I know how much she’d appreciate hearing from you.”

No mention of a donation – yet.

But in order to “sign” the email card to send those “good thoughts” to Hillary, you must include your mail address and zip code first, which in turn, directs you to a donation request.

Apparently those are the only types of “good” thoughts that mean anything to the Clintons.

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