No, Chelsea, they didn't have computers back in 1861.

The only child of former U.S. co-presidents Hillary and Bill Clinton is hoping a picture of Abraham Lincoln sporting a "Make America Great Again" cap was "Photoshopped."

The tongue-in-cheek image of America's 16th president appeared on the 2017 Lincoln Day Dinner program for the Republican Party of Palm Beach County. The dinner was held at Mar-a-Lago on March 24.

No, Chelsea. Lincoln did not attend.

On March 17, the youngest Clinton couldn't believe her eyes -- Lincoln, in a MAGA hat? "Please tell me this is photoshopped. Please?" she tweeted.

Yes, Chelsea, Lincoln's press corps were considered highly skilled users of Adobe Photoshop software -- along with the bellows view camera and flash powder.

Surely, Chelsea misspoke. Or did she?

Then again, one would expect a better choice of words coming from a privileged and highly educated liberal snowflake like Chelsea Clinton, who worked as a special correspondent for NBC News from 2011 to 2014. She's now working for the Clinton Foundation and sits on the board of the Clinton Global Initiative.

As to be expected, the Twitter-verse has been in an uproar over Chelsea's faux pas.

"@ChelseaClinton no this is the exact hat lincoln was wearing when he signed the emancipation proclamation ppl forget that," Tyler Conway (@jtylerconway) March 25, 2017.

"@ChelseaClinton Nope Lincoln was wearing that exact hat at the Theater," echoed Susan Doyle (@SusanDoyle1963) March 25, 2017.

"@ChelseaClinton Nope, they found a picture of Lincoln wearing a MAGA hat from the nineteenth century. No photoshop needed," another fan of Chelsea tweeted.

Some might say these people are hating on Chelsea too much. But politics is dirty business. Never forget the way former Vice President Dan Quayle was vilified in the mainstream media for misspelling "potato."

Keep in mind also that Chelsea Clinton, at age 37, is at the beginning of a potentially long career in U.S. politics. Democrats are even banking that one day Chelsea will be elected president.

As Forrest Gump would say, "Stupid is as stupid does."

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Source: Daily Wire


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