A penny for your thoughts…

In this case, a circa 1943 steel penny is worth $10.00.  Pretty cool.

How a quarter that happens to be of silver, as opposed to the copper-nickel manufacture imposed circa 1932-1964. If you have one of these, your George Washington is worth $65.00.

John F. Kennedy’s profile did not appear on the half-dollar until after his assassination, thus replacing Benjamin Franklin. Should you have a Ben lying around (1948-1963), cash it in for $125.00.

Not all coins of value are historic. In fact, some the newer state quarters, we have all been fascinated by, can bring big bucks. For example, the motto “In God we RUST” made it out of the mint in 2005, so the Kansas quarter is worth about $100.00.

Then there is the Wisconsin quarter. Apparently, there is an issue with an extra leaf on the cornstalk—one high and one low. If you happen to have one of these beauties you can cash it in for $50.00.

If you can scrounge up a trifecta of perfection, low leaf, and high leaf, you can add $1,100.00 to your pocket book.

We know what you are thinking and doing…you are heading to your coin jug to start scoping out those old coins and state quarters. Or, if you’re like yours truly, putting your kid to work doing it.

Source: Mad World News

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