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It’s not at all surprising that because of this administration’s attempt to usurp the Second Amendment and in particular Obama’s obsession in denying law-abiding citizens the right to protect themselves against a growing criminal element with additional gun control mandates, that gun sales have gone through the roof.

In fact recent FBI data has shown a direct correlation between Obama’s threat of imposing additional mandates and restrictions to historically record-breaking gun sales.

It can be argued that Obama is perhaps the best thing to happen in promoting gun sales, and manufactures have stepped up with an assortment of impressive new items like a triple barrel shotgun, for the home.

This new “home defense” weapon is manufactured right here in the good old U.S.A., in Dayton, Ohio by Chiappa Firearms, Ltd., and is the flagship of their new product line called the “Triple Crown Series” of shotguns.

The 43-inch-long Chiappa Triple Crown comes in two new gauges – the 20 and 28 – both with a white receiver and walnut stock.

The Chiappa Triple Crown features a side by side barrel configuration with the third barrel on top giving the shooter a single barrel sight plane with multiple barrel performance.

Each barrel is machined to accept Rem-Choke style choke tubes and each shotgun includes 5 choke tubes ranging from Improved Cylinder to Full Choke.

The Triple Crown and Triple Threat may do very well in the market because of the sheer simplicity of firing 3 rounds of 12-gauge in a home defense situation.

However it isn’t cheap and retails for about $1,600.

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