History is replete with “good men” who stood silently by and watched evil slowly consume nations, and did nothing. And so when radical Islamic extremists attempted to launch Jihad on American soil against a free speech art exhibition and contest, the reaction was ‘stunning’ and  “amazingly” not against the two terrorists who attacked the event, but rather on those organizing and participating in the event.

The criticism didn’t only come from the expected loony left, but also from those who have a profound respect and understanding of America and its values…”good men” who stand silent or perhaps have  forgotten that “free speech” includes “all speech”, even speech we may find offensive and perhaps even disturbing.

And  legendary country music star  Charlie Daniels wonders if too many people are missing the point of what happened, and warned Americans to “lock and load” ahead of coming troubles.

“Lock and load America, trouble is on the way,” Daniels wrote in an op-ed published on his website; “Is America to walk on egg shells in practicing our constitutional rights from now on, observing strict rules of political correctness in a fruitless effort to placate the sensibilities of people who hack the heads off Christians and kidnap children for sex slaves?” Daniels asked.

Obviously standing silently on the sidelines isn’t in Daniels D&A, and he went on to say that no group in American history has ever been completely immune from “criticism and ridicule,” and that one need look no further than the nearest art show or turn on the TV to find outright and blatant “mocking of God and belittling of those who follow Him.”

Finally, he issued a direct message to Obama, saying, “America needs a leader who is a staunch defender of all our constitutional rights, 2nd amendment notwithstanding, a leader who will call our enemy by it’s proper name and hunt them down anywhere in the world when they are a threat to America, a leader with guts, gonads and the nerve to tell America the whole truth.”

h/t: Conservative Tribune

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