Charlie Daniels is a talented entertainer to be sure.

He and his fiddling can leave you slack-jawed in awe of his mastery of the instrument.

He is also a dedicated and out-spoken patriot who does not mince words when it comes to America’s strength, particularly with respect to her people.

He also has no problem ripping into us for our blatant stupidity.

Recently, Daniels penned a piece for CNSNews asking “Did We Learn Nothing from 9/11?” Of course we did, you say to yourself.


Because, there are plenty among us, from the President on down to possibly your neighbor who seem to have forgotten the lessons of that day, and the 14-year long war we’ve been fighting against those sadistic terrorist bastards ever since.

As Daniels points out, the violence of the terrorists is no big secret;

“We have long been warned that there are sleeper cells abroad in the world that are waiting for a signal to attack soft targets, to murder and maim in the shopping malls, schools and public places, places where unarmed, unsuspecting people would be easy targets and the carnage would pile up to make grisly pictures to document their satanic evil.”

One can look to the Nariobi, Kenya Westgate mall, horrors of two years ago, Benghazi, the Mumbai hotel massacre, Nidal Hassan’s one man assault on Fort Hood, the shooting up of a recruiting office here in the US, 9/11, the recent bombing of a Russian jet-liner, and last week’s terrorist attack on Paris, France.

What is it going to take for America to wake up?!

Daniels goes on to question our political correctness in refusing to “profile”, how we cave to “commercial and political pressure,” and have been for quite some time, we allow unknowns to stream into this country, un-checked, and Obama goes arming Iran with nukes.

America, if we don't face the fact that we have terrorists living among us, and if we don't get some people in office with the determination and the gonads to dig them out and jail or destroy them, there will be chaos on the streets on a scale we don't even want to think about” (Charlie Daniels, 11-17-2015).

Source: CNS News


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