“Our national nightmare is becoming reality as we begin to realize the extent and viciousness of the terrorists who have found their way into our country, and we watch in horror as vulnerable youth who were born here become radicalized by social media or in mosques are readied to attack the unlimited soft targets that the American way of life presents” (Charlie Daniels, 12-07-2015).


There aren’t too many ways to parse what Daniels had to say. In fact,we can only contribute further to his point. What we have on our hands, is a nation coming to, out of the fuzzy slumber of sleep, only to realize that the nightmare we are trying to wake from is not a dream.

It is real. It is all around us, and it will be the world we leave to our children if we continue to do nothing.

This is not a call to arms, it is a call to wake up and smell the coffee. It is time to quit denying that our country is falling apart at a societal and cultural level. We are becoming depraved as a people. We have no respect for life, and in fact go out of our way to find every excuse imaginable to deny its existence at every turn.

We shame people for national pride. We don’t encourage or reward hard work, rather we reward those that contribute nothing. We treat our veterans like dirt. We accuse anyone with a thought counter to D.C.’s opinion to being some sort of phobic.  What we really are is DC-phobic.

The enemy is within, and it is those that we have elected to represent us that have gone off to Washington, D.C. with the mis-guided notion that their job is to govern over us, tell us what we are to think, how we are to behave, what we are to eat, and who we are to trust, to name a few.

Our government isn’t failing us. We are failing ourselves.

It is time to quit playing the game of political correctness and quit being afraid to exercise our First Amendment.

In particular at the polling booth during every upcoming election. It is time to send a message that enough is enough.

Source: CNS News



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