Charlie Daniels knows how to turn a word. He is quite the wordsmith, in fact—almost as good as he is a fiddle player. He is a God-fearing American whose does not take any lip from anybody, least of all some Yuppie who tries to insult him with stupidity.

Recently, Daniels wrote a piece that can only be called a response to a concerned writer. That concerned person happened to be a whack-job liberal. Judging by what Daniels insinuates, the liberal’s words were par for the course.

The liberal accused Daniels of being a hateful, gun-loving racist, among other things. How wrong that person was, and Daniel stomped his butt in writing. Below are snippets of his love letter to the liberal.

First Daniels thanks the lib for, “all the unkind things you attempted say about me.” Of course a liberal said nasty things—that is all they know how to do.

If they can’t be rational, and we know they are genetically programmed to not be rational, then they resort to their natural gutter-snipe way of being.

Daniels advises the whack-job to “go to your dictionary and look up the word ‘racist.’” He adds, “I’ll save you the trouble, the dictionary defines racism as the belief that one race is superior to all others; not those who criticize President Obama.”

In fact, we could go so far as to call Obama a racist since he gives free rein and adoration to the black thuggery movement. How insulting to black people to know that the only African-Americans Obama pays any heed to are criminals.

Daniels then goes on to recognize the compliments paid to him by the Yuppie. Those were calling out Daniels for being a “redneck” and a “hillbilly.” Yes, he is a redneck because he believes in the 2nd Amendment, likes to watch NASCAR, and loves football.

Yes, he is a hillbilly because he loves country music and rural America, as opposed to those who, ”never venture outside their little circle of urban-bound, self-ordained sophisticates with a weakness for Perrier and lime and reading books they claim they love, but don’t really understand.”

Go read the rest. It’s awesome!

Source: CNS News



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