Charlie Daniels has written an incredible piece regarding his personally and deeply held beliefs regarding nearly all of the pressing social, cultural, environmental, and political issues of our time. He is a true wordsmith and a man of deep faith and simple, straight forward patriotism to our great land, and our freedoms.

While some might read his column in the vein of a rant, those with an equally deep love for American values will read it as a poignant reflection on the crazy wayward path our country is traveling along.

“Insanity Rules on the Potomac” is the title of his written piece. However, it also points to the insanity that is running amuck among our population with respect to every facet of our lives.

A snippet of Daniels’ essay includes his pro-life stance;

“I don't believe in abortion, except in extremely serious cases such as the life of the mother being in jeopardy, and I believe that those who are involved will be held accountable for murder by the Judge of all mankind on some date in the future.”

Who among us pro-life believers does not agree with the statement regarding abortion being murder?

On the topic of Iran, he is very direct to those supportive of, or even sitting on the fence when it comes to giving nukes to Iran;

“Is there anybody with enough gray matter to tell a mule from a katydid who thinks Obama's deal with Iran is not going to endanger every generation born onto Planet Earth from now on?”

Yes, the herd instinct runs rampant with the Obama worshipers of our land.

In regard to global warming, he thinks this is nothing more than,

“…an international power grab. It’s an attempt by the real power players, those who stand in the shadows and pull the strings of the puppets who do their bidding, to assume global control of income redistribution and the international market place.”

Daniels is right. Our country, and the world for that matter is emblematic of the inmates running the asylum.

For more on what Charlie Daniels has to say, visit his column via the link provided here.

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