We all know Charlie Daniels’ fiddling masterpiece “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.” We also know he is a proud American and very outspoken in his beliefs in freedom. This is evident in his music and the poetic lyricism of his songs. From solo singer-song writer to contributing musician for the likes of Elvis Presley and Bob Dylan, who helped put him and the folk music genre on the map, Daniels remains a powerhouse today, and has nothing but kind words for Dylan.

Over the years he has seen our country move in waves between patriotic mega force and social dissent. One need only read his columns to know where he stands on the issue, and it is certainly with that of patriotism. Presently, he is preparing to host the 40th Anniversary of the Volunteer Jam, August 12th, in Nashville, Tennessee. Produced by Sean Hannity and Storm Warren, and benefitting the Journey Home Foundation, Daniels charitable organization that assists veterans with making the shift from military to civilian life. Featuring artists such as the ever opinionated Ted Nugent, whom we all know and love, the Outlaws, Terry Clark, and Trace Adkins, and many more, this is sure to be a musical event that won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

When speaking to the differences between the Vietnam generation and today’s, with respect to military ways and means of socially operating. He discusses the methods of transition of military-to-civilian and how soldiers were once eased back into civil life, and how in today’s world they land back in the US and are cut loose to find their own way in life with little assistance. The rise in PTSD and the political correctness of the federal government right down to the dysfunction of the VA, which is supposed to help our soldiers, has become an un-navigable bureaucratic nightmare. It is his hope that the Journey Home Foundation can make that transition easier.

Charlie Daniels is a Great American and we are blessed to have him and experience his music, and his vocalization of what is right and wrong with America at-present, and we need more like him.

h/t: CNS News

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