Most discerning and critical thinking individuals already know that the mainstream media for decades has cleverly used visual subterfuge and critical editing in achieving whatever narrative they’re pushing, whether it’s the issue of gun control and leftist journalist Katie Couric editing out factual information to push her anti-gun agenda, or so-called legitimate journalists like Candy Crowley injecting herself with false information within a pivotal presidential debate, the media has proven time and again it cannot be trusted.

The latest to fall victim to truth was the death of “armed gunmen” Keith Scott, and while the shooting was no doubt tragic, the indisputable facts are Scott was armed and dangerous and resisting arrest.

However if you were tuning into CNN you would never suspect that Scott was armed, on the contrary you would think by the skillful editing that Scott was another black victim being targeted by perhaps racist cops.

The deceptive edited version aired by CNN was just uncovered by The Daily Wire showing the unedited version along side CNN’s handy work, which purposely left out the entire recorded narrative of both police officers ordering Scott to drop the weapon, and his wife imploring him not to shoot and to come out of the auto peacefully.

First here is what CNN aired:

Compare this to the unedited footage and decide for yourself if CNN is playing some games here:

Clearly what CNN has done here is edit out the officers repeatedly yelling for Scott to "DROP THE GUN!" to support the false narrative that Scott was holding a book.

Gun recovered form the scene

Moreover networks like CNN should be held accountable for their false reporting, especially when neighborhoods like Charlotte go up in flames, and innocent lives are put at risk, regardless if police or innocent individuals get caught up in the mayhem.

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