It was just a normal day at a Wal-Mart store in Charlotte, North Carolina, until a shoplifter attempting to take off with what witnesses have described as a $7 t-shirt started a massive brawl outside of the store.

The brawl began as a group of men appeared to surround another man and pin him against the wall just to the right of the Wal-Mart entrance. The man fought, kicked, and punched back against the three or so other men who were also involved.

After that things got really crazy.

The men moved away from the store's entrance and began fighting in the aisles, in proximity to other shoppers. On the video the other shoppers can be heard at first expressing amazement at the fight. That amazement turned into fear and worry as the brawl attracted more men and moved into the center of the store.

"Somebody call the po-po," a voice can be heard in the background saying. The person taking the video, however, can't seem to be interrupted from watching the fight to make a call on his or her cellphone.

It took Wal-Mart employees almost a minute to interrupt the brawl, but even with the video rolling and the person filming saying that she was getting it all "for the police" it took the employees quite a while to settle things down.

The argument that the person filming couldn't be bothered to call the police because she was filming the altercation as evidence is a weak one. With the video cameras and security measures in place in modern stores it's unnecessary to stand by and film something so violent instead of calling the police.

While Wal-Mart responded to the brawl in a professional manner once employees arrived on the scene, it took an extraordinary length of time for the employees to respond in the first place.

What is the country coming to when things like this can happen in a public place like Wal-Mart?

h/t: Breitbart

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