Do you remember when the FBI launched its “Don’t Be A Puppet” web-based operation last year? It was an effort to curb violence and extremism among our youth.  

Don’t Be A Puppet failed and became the marionette of CAIR.

They took issue with the site as being anti-Islam, and the site went down, but not for good. It was only down long enough to be re-worked, re-packaged a re-sold to the American people.

The Don’t Be A Puppet site provides portals to view what the various extremist groups are.

For example:

“White supremacy violent extremists target the federal government and racial, ethnic, and religious minorities. Their methods have included murder, threats, and bombings. As just one example, white supremacists attacked a pair of Middle Eastern men on New Year’s Eve in 2011, punching one victim in the face and head.”

Yeah….that’s a problem…getting punched in the face and head. Ow.

There is not a single mention of jihadist recruitment on the Domestic Extremist Ideologies page.  Certainly they could have come up with one. Perhaps the following…

Radical Islamists target everyone who is unwilling to adhere to Sharia Law and follow the tenets of the Islam, as they believe them to be infidels for the slaughter. Their methods have included murder, threats, and bombings. For example, Major Nidal Hassan killed several military personnel at Ft. Hood during a shooting. A factory worker in Oklahoma beheaded a female coworker because she would not convert. A married couple went on shooting rampage in San Bernardino, California killing and wounding several. A young boy scared the crap out of his school by building a fake clock-bomb.”

If anybody has been made a “puppet” it is Comey and his crew.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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