Political cartoons often bring an immediate and quick reaction, you either “GET IT” or you “DON’T” and that’s primarily why professional and working cartoonists shy away from this particular form of humor.

In that often a few strokes of the pen must encompass real complex political issues facing the nation, in a satirical way and without the benefit of a monologue or written text…a difficult undertaking and yet to most viewers a relatively simple process.

That’s the beauty of political cartoon satire, in that the cartoonist makes it look so easy.

Famed cartoonist A.F. Branco, who has fast become one of the most sought after political cartoonists in journalism today.

His work has been featured on numerous web-sires and within journals, magazines and newspapers all around the country, makes political cartoon satire look so easy, and yet few are privileged to witness the countless hours of rough pencil tissues and revisions that make it look easy to the outside observer.

This latest political cartoon depicts the famous “Trump Wall” and perhaps the not so famous “Bernie Wall”, and the obvious differences between them, and while in the real world the obvious erection of a wall is to usually keep people out, more likely than not old Socialist Bernie’s wall would encourage people to come in, with perhaps some wide open holes and a few cracks, and maybe even a pathway leading into America, and perhaps even a big neon sign blinking on top of Bernie’s wall announcing “all welcome!”

Who do you think is a worse nightmare as President?

Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders? Let us know in the comments below.


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