Political correctness, being p.c., the p.c. police, or p.c. mafia, all describe something that has gone awry in America. While countries like France manage to find their way in free speech, despite their record to the contrary prior to the Charlie Hebdo murders, America drifts further and further into restricted speech. Lefties, Big Ds, and liberals, who once laid claim to the majority of the first amendment, are now the staunchest advocates to amending or quashing it.

Dr. Ben Carson, former Southern Poverty Law Center "extremist", is coming out swinging against the Big Ds and Lefties attack on free speech. The US Herald has been following the controversy that ended in a sort of apology from the covert leftist political machine known as the Southern Poverty Law Center. Now, according to the Daily Caller,
he is taking a strong stance against P.C. groups like SPLC and individuals who shut out people who they do not like.

“It’s worked to shut people up because they are afraid that they might be on their list."

Despite Dr. Carson's recent brush with "lists", it was actually Bill O'Reilly commentary on the leftist obsessions with labeling an individual for not supporting same-sex marriage. More specifically, O'Reilly used the term “civil rights abuser”. Dr. Carson expanded upon his opinion on political correctness in American society and why the first amendment was meant to combat such nonsense.

“I don’t think most Americans actually believe that. We need to be in a place where people feel free to express themselves and not to be intimidated by political correctness. It’s destroying our nation and there is a reason that our founders, one of the very first amendment freedom of speech, freedom of expression."

The former Johns Hopkins pediatric neurosurgeon, and current potential 2016 Presidential contender, found out all too well what it feels like to be placed on a list for his free speech. This was merely  for his personal faith belief in traditional marriage, and his attempt to provide a suitable flat tax system, but making the mistake of using the Bible for reference.

What are your thoughts? Has political correctness gone awry, or are too many making too big of a deal over it?

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