Dr. Ben Carson, retired neurosurgeon and Republican Presidential candidate, recently pilloried the notion of a Muslim in the office of the presidency.

You will recall his comments on NBC’s Meet the Press regarding a president should be sworn in on the Bible and not the Quran, and how Shariah Law is inconsistent with the foundations of freedom that define America.

Despite all the uproar, and no matter how much the press tries to lead him along the path of recanting his statements, Carson refuses to back-pedal.

While speaking with The Hill, Carson had the opportunity to educate America on the Shia Islam’s “Taqiyya.” Ever heard of it? Probably not.

According to Carson, it goes something like this;

“Taqiyya is a component of Shia that allows, even encourages you to lie to achieve your goals.”

Meaning, you could have a Muslim, of Shia Islam, stand up in public and renounce the Shariah, portray themselves as consistent with the tenets of America’s Constitution, and be lying to our faces the entire time.

While he also makes mention that this topic is completely irrelevant because no candidate, on either side of the aisle is a Muslim, he is happy the topic is of public discussion.

As such, we should all be very aware of the fact that Taqiyya, like Sharia, and militant Islam is all around us and it has no regard for the truth, if truth does not serve its purpose.

Source: Conservative Tradition

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