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The horrific incident in Orlando, Florida, has once again brought out the obvious finger-pointing as to who should be blamed for the carnage, with both Obama and Clinton citing guns, the NRA, and of course Donald Trump as the culprits.

However to the vast majority of critical thinking Americans, the real villain is the deranged shooter himself, and the perverse ideology of “radical Islamic extremism” combined with the insane belief in “political correctness” that has undermined both logic and basic common sense.

And that view was once again eloquently expressed by Dr. Ben Carson during an appearance on "Fox and Friends Weekend.”

The good doctor never one to parse his words, zeroed in on exactly what’s wrong in combating radical Islamic extremism: politically correct politicians who are afraid to acknowledge the cause behind the attacks or to even utter the words of "radical Islamic terror," which of course undermines the real threat of not identifying you’re enemy.

Carson went on to explain; "This is not to say that all people of Islamic background are bad people, no more than it would be any other group who had radical elements, but we've got to be smart enough to separate the two things out."

However don’t hold your breath for either Obama or Clinton to acknowledge the obvious in their convoluted progressive world. For them it makes better political sense to avoid the obvious and continue blaming the gun, the NRA and of course “The Donald.”

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