While Donald Trump has been the focus of the mainstream media for his less then”politically correct” statements. There is another  candidate perhaps not as brash, however just as opinionated and perhaps even more knowledgeable than “The Donald”, in one Carly Fiorina.

Who was recently interviewed by progressive talking head Katie Couric, and the topic of course “climate change,” what else?

The interview itself is a must watch simply because Fiorina is  brilliant in how she defused and handles the topic, with a reasoned well thought out response, that actually leaves Couric silent.

And her delivery was masterful, forceful yet dignified, and always in complete control of the subject matter. She spoke of clean coal, as opposed to wind turbines citing the killing of thousand of birds including our own American eagle and also referenced solar energy and its dependents on high volumes of water to be effective, citing that all energy sources have a down side within their individual production.

She also referenced and scoffed at the administration claim that “climate control” is the greatest threat to America’s national security.

And she cleverly brought the question back to her own core conservative principles, growing the economy, addressing our national security, providing jobs and defeating Islamic terrorists.

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