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It must come as a bit of a shock to the millions and millions of young Bernie supporters, many of whom no doubt still live with their parents, perhaps rent free, that Socialism does indeed pay well, provided of course you use the funds provided by Capitalism…and there in a nutshell lies the rub.

Bernie’s new digs will cost him a cool 600 grand for the 4-bedroom beachfront home, located 500 feet off Lake Champlain, and on the east side of the island.

Perhaps ol Bernie is planning to open his new waterfront home as a commune, so that his supporters can join in on the fun, after all it’s only fair that the $27 bucks paid on average in donations, might also explain Bernie’s extravagant purchase.

No doubt Sanders who’s made quite a good living by private sector standards, and his campaign against that evil 1% of the rich, those folks exclusively within the private sector, played well with his supporters.

And although Sanders ignored Hillary’s vast wealth during their debate and the almost 40% of those multi-millionaires within congress, many who’ve astoundingly made their fortunes on a congressional salary of just over $175K, Bernie decided instead to go after the 1-2% of multi-millionaires within the private sector, who actually make things, create jobs, and keep this economy moving.

However Bernie by congressional standards is still quite poor, however for most of us a $600,000 beachfront summer home, “ain’t too shabby!”

Folks on social media showed their outrage:

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