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Watching Trump strategist and spokesperson Kellyanne Conway easily handling the obnoxious press has become a daily thing of beauty to observe. Her calm low-key demeanor and sharp wit, seems a perfect counter to the overbearing progressive pundits.

One such encounter took place at CNN’s Chris Cuomo show, in which Conway was asked about the dust-up that took place with the cast of the musical Broadway show “Hamilton.”

When a “grandstanding’ performer used the venue to verbally attack Vice President-elect Mike Pence, who was in attendance with his family, and while Pence acknowledged he was not offended, President-elect Trump demanded an apology from the self-aggrandizing actor, which apparently Cuomo found to be un-presidential.

Saying to Conway: “Having the right to do it is absolute. Nobody’s saying that, but as my president” Conway interrupted before Cuomo could finish his discourse, and took control of the conversation stating: “Then focus on what he did this week as your president-elect, which was unbelievable, and I would say unprecedented!”

Cuomo attempted to once again gain control asking: “so he (Trump) doesn’t take any responsibility for his own tweets? It’s on me for focusing on it?”

Conway responded; “I didn’t say he wasn’t responsible, but you’re assigning malice, you’re assigning wrongdoing to him where it doesn’t exist.”

And then Conway always the strategist reminded Cuomo; “And I think we all should have learned a lesson that doesn’t fly with the voters.”



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