President Obama has vowed to take a stand against ISIS, he has already had airstrikes on ISIS occupied areas, unfortunately American banks on the other hand haven't done the same.

In a statement after being captured ISIS Commander Yousaf al-Salafi told Pakistani law enforcement officials that ISIS has been receiving funds that were routed through the United States. He also said that the funds were being used to run ISIS in Pakistan and to recruit young fighters for ISIS. al-Salafi also told officials that he was being given a head hunting fee of $600 for every recruit to delivered to the cause. Another startling discovery was how easily al-Salafi was able to travel around the Middle East, using Turkey as a portal to Syria, and Pakistan.

A source told the Pakistan Express, a New York Times affiliate, "The US has been condemning the IS activities but unfortunately has not been able to stop funding of these organizations, which is being routed through the US. The US had to dispel the impression that it is financing the group for its own interests and that is why it launched an offensive against the organization in Iraq but not in Syria."

Many of ISIS's donations are believed to come from donors in the Middle East, but the funds are actually sent through international banks to obscure the trail. It's also theorized that ISIS gets some of their money through stolen oil money, which international banks are also a part of.

This information helps to explain why Anonymous, the hacktivist group, also threatened the banking system when they vowed to help fight against ISIS and other terrorist organizations.

It's uncertain what, if anything, the United States will do to fight the funding to ISIS and other terrorist organizations, or if they will track the money to find out who is funding ISIS. The millions of dollars in funding that ISIS is receiving almost daily is a hard fact to ignore, and a dangerous truth. With the United States's ability to track almost everything with its heavy Big Brother surveillance, it's hard to believe the U.S. can't stop this.


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