The Hispanic owner of a Milwaukee landmark is at the center of a firestorm after a patron exposed the shocking truth about a “racist” policy in effect at the popular frozen custard hang-out: The staff is required to speak English!

Joey Sanchez was waiting in line to order his favorite flavor at Leon’s Frozen Custard when he heard the server tell a customer in front of him that she was not allowed to speak Spanish to customers.

Ron Schneider, whose family has owned and operated the Milwaukee fixture for the past 70 years, says the policy has been in place for over ten years, but it was only after Sanchez reported his experience on social media that anyone complained.

Schneider told a local television station, “Hey, c’mon – it’s America! We’ve spoken English for a long, long time. We can’t be the United Nations.”

Now the community is boycotting the city’s favorite custard source, where the delicacy is made fresh daily, and Leon’s is now coming under fire from the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), which is demanding a federal investigation by the Equal Employment Commission into the “English Only” it calls “racist and illegal.”

Schneider also had some blunt words for critics who are charging that the Leon’s Frozen Custard family is bigoted.

“Let me tell you something. My wife is Hispanic. My kids are Hispanic. Anyone that wants to call me a racist on that basis, maybe we should settle it the old-fashioned American way in the alley.”

When asked, the owner said that no employee had ever been fired for using a different language, but LULAC was asking the family to review its “current employment practices with counsel to bring them into compliance” with federal labor law.

Sanchez agrees saying that changing the “English only” rule would “show a better heart about how he feels about the Hispanic community,” apparently declining to take Schneider up on his offer to “step out into the alley to settle it the old-fashioned American way.”

Source: Washington Post

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