The liberal wing of the Canadian political parties swept to power.

The world thought that meant the “Maple Leaf” would benevolently fall upon the heads of all the Syrian refugees and the Canucks would show the world how it should be done when addressing a humanitarian crisis.

Well, they are and more power to them! Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, plans to continue with the country’s asylum program, but he and territorial authorities overseeing the re-homing of the refugees are making one teensy-weensy modification to the process.

It will be a “women and children only” type of resettlement as unaccompanied males will not be admitted.  
Prior to Trudeau’s election the country was moving forward with importing 25,000 Syrian refugees at a screening rate of 100 per day, by year’s end.

Now however, those figures are likely to be modified following the upcoming meetings between Trudeau and the powers-that-be.

Perhaps our president, the guy who just spat on America by saying we are afraid of three-year old orphans and widows show take a page from Trudeau.

It is a safe bet that Americans would be far more open-minded to a policy similar to Canada’s than that of opening our arms to refugees who are noticeably in-absentia with respect to the female gender and the young.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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