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Audio and video have come to light that shows exactly what occurred when Trump's live feed at a Detroit black congregation was unexpectedly cut off right as an African-American bishop was giving a glowing blessing to the GOP Presidential nominee.

If there has ever been any doubt that the mainstream media is heavily favoring liberal agendas this should put the argument to rest once and for all.

More from BPR:

It was reported on Twitter that a Reuters staffer was caught on a hot microphone ordering the camera man to shut down the live feed.

As Detroit Bishop Wayne Jackson was giving Trump a Jewish prayer shawl and Bible at the Great Faith Ministries, you can hear a cameraman’s initial reluctance to shut down.

“I’m shooting this, I don’t care what they say,” the voice can faintly be heard saying in the background at about the one-minute mark, according to the person who posted the video. “I’ll take a demotion for this…. you?”

Finally, at about the 1:20 mark. you can just barely hear the order, “Shut it, yeah,” then, “Yes Michael, do it!”

Is this an honest attempt at unbiased reporting? It certainly doesn't appear so.

Immediately social media has lit up. Some are shocked and some are not but pretty much everyone is outraged...

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