America is at a crossroad, and it will be brave citizen patriots like these, who will stand up and eventually decide which path America will take.

This administration has already declared war on its citizens, in favor of open boarders by ignoring and or not enforcing existing immigration laws. And the battle to reclaim America’s sovereignty will take place not in the halls of congress, or at the Supreme Court, but rather in the streets of Main Street, U.S.A.

As demonstrated by these 25-men and woman who took to the streets of San Bernardino, California to protest Obama’s “executive action” on immigration, an action that bypasses congress in creating a law that gives him (Obama), exclusive power to usurp existing immigration laws…which  apparently didn’t sit to well with these demonstrators many of whom were affiliated with groups such as the Minuteman Project, who took matters into their own hands by invading the Mexican Consulate, and demanding that the Mexican Government extend the same benefits being afforded illegal Mexican aliens.

The consulate is considered Mexican territory which of course produced for some tense moments as Mexican security and the American patriots stood nose to nose in a standoff.

After making their point, the Minutemen led demonstrators exited the consulate, which prompted a threat by Mexican security to have the demonstrators arrested, the next time… which would be a foolish move indeed!

Demonstrators from local public-interest groups, such as “We the People Rising” and the local Republicans Club in Claremont, displayed signs to passing motorists while cheering: “Americans first, close our borders!” and “Hey hey, ho ho, Obama’s gotta go!”

“We chose this day to make a statement: We’d still like to see the Senate and the House passes a bill that does not fund the Obama immigration plan,” said Robin Hvidston, executive director of “We The People Rising.”

However one thing is certain, the American people have had enough, if congress cannot solve this growing threat to our national security, then it’s up to “WE THE PEOPLE” to protect the homeland, and those we love…it’s not a threat, it’s a promise to those things we hold dear.

Source: Radix News



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