The war on traditional values continues unabated within our nation’s school system and within those enclaves of progressive dogma primarily within those sanctuary cities and states like California, where social engineering has become the number one commodity within academia, and where an annual uplifting tradition has become the latest victim to fall to political correctness.

Moreover all that’s required are a few individuals to voice their disapproval and suddenly the “father-daughter dance” along with the “mother-son hike” is no longer acceptable, because someone decided it wasn’t “inclusive” enough.

The incident took place at the Crocker/Riverside Elementary School in Sacramento, when apparently a few parents complained about the naming of the dance.

Crocker/Riverside Elementary parent-teacher association president Patrick Kuske acknowledged that “We got a request from a couple of parents to be more inclusive and change the name.”

The two annual events are part of the PTA’s annual fundraising activities, which apparently will both now have a different theme.

This year the traditional “father-daughter dance” will be titled “the family dance.”

“It’s not just about making money for the school, it’s about having a good time and getting people together, ”Kuske told KTXL.

Principal Daniel McCord said he fully supports the name change and added children could define their families as any group of people.

Saying; “However the child wants to define their family, whoever they want to bring with them, they’re able to do that, when they walk into their house, it’ll look different from mine. And that’s great!” McCord added. “We want to embrace that and learn from it.”

Obviously, no child should feel unwelcome, worst yet “different” and no doubt this is a genuine effort to be all-inclusive which is a positive thing, we all know that children live in different environments, some come from fractured homes, others perhaps live with grandparents.

However claiming to be “inclusive” and then suddenly pulling the rug from under those parents who perhaps looked forward to that annual event is still social engineering, worst yet by a handful of parents, dictating to many.

Perhaps a simple creative solution was all that was needed without ending an annual tradition, like changing the theme of the dance every ½ hour would have been more “inclusive” for all.

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