We always hear that perplexing analogy of a “glass being either half empty or half filled” and depending on where you sit, that analogy at times can be the difference between life and death, no doubt when it comes to the issues of immigration, sanctuary cities, gun control. the law and the state of California, the issue of immigration becomes “ground zero.”

Moreover, according to a Sacramento Chief Justice, ICE agents must stop arresting “ILLEGAL ALIENS.”

The apparent loony demand by Justice Bee, Cantil-Sakauye lamenting she was “deeply concerned” that ICE agents are apprehending illegal aliens near her courthouse.

Stating; “Courthouses should not be used as bait in the necessary enforcement of our country’s immigration laws.”

The wacky judge also decided to pen a letter to both to Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly, stating that courthouses should be a “safe place” to administer justice.

She continues: “Each layer of government – federal, state, and local – provides a portion of the fabric of our society that preserves law and order and protects the rights and freedoms of the people. The separation of powers and checks and balances at the various levels and branches of government ensure the harmonious existence of the rule of law.”

Now here is where it becomes interesting in regards to that “glass being either half empty or half filled” and the issue of illegal immigration, the good judge seems to be all worked up about.

The random and senseless slaying of Kathryn Steinle, 32, who was gunned down by an illegal alien deported 5-times, in broad daylight along a popular pedestrian pier on a San Francisco waterfront would no doubt be “half empty” to Liz Sullivan and Jim Steinle the grieving parents of Kate Steinle.

Moreover rather than pontificating about “safe spaces” around courthouses, perhaps the good judge should ask why the judicial system failed to protect Kate Steinle, and allowed a "criminal alien" back into American society, not ounce but five times, and how many more countless victims like Kate, will the Judaical system ignore?

See what people are saying about this judges complaints aginst ICE for upholding the law:

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h/t: Freedom Daily

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