At the urging of a Muslim advocacy group with questionable ties to terrorism, a California school district has joined the ranks of the gullible and politically correct institutions to jump at the chance to defend Islam against the Islamophobic “bogey men” the left sees everywhere in America.

Without showing any objective evidence of systemic discrimination or reported incidents of bullying, the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) has adopted a resolution to develop a plan to address the imagined problem.

Board members of the district, which is the second largest in California serving 130,000 students in K through 12 schools, voted unanimously to develop the plan, which will undoubtedly run into school funding being diverted to studies, surveys and the salaries of hired experts and policy analysts to come up with the specifics of the plan.

And it will all come under the watchful eye of CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, who spoke at the school board meeting, claiming that more than half the students they asked said they had been bullied.

“We must provide the right resources to (educators) to lessen bullying incidents, by suggesting professional development and the proper curriculum,” Hanif Mohebi, executive director of the San Diego chapter of CAIR told the board.

Significantly, CAIR couched the figures in terms of students “they asked,” rather than documented reports by students or parents of students who made legitimate complaints to schools.

Several students spoke, but teachers, counselors and administrators did not respond to allegations by the Muslim advocacy group that 20 percent of the bullied students felt the school staff had been supportive of them.

Oddly, Mohebi also told the SDUSD Board, “You guys are essentially the reason why this district is one of the safest in the nation,” which would seem to contradict the allegations of widespread bullying.

Sure enough, the meeting ended with Superintendent of Schools, Cindy Marten, was instructed to produce a report outlining a plan to address bullying only with respect to Muslim students.

It appears all the other students – overweight ones, skinny ones, nerds, redheads and all the other kids who sometimes get teased – will be on their own.

Source: KPBS

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