We've seen Muslims and the left try to carve out an impenetrable "safe space" for Muslims in this country so that they are free to live by Sharia law, act outside of U.S. laws, spread hate violence and the Muslim way, all without any consequence. These radicals have even gone so far as to stage fake hate crimes against Muslims and Muslim organizations in order to make themselves look the victims of a 'hateful' and 'racist' America. Well, this doesn't work so well when you get caught burning down your own mosque and then trying to pin it on the rest of us "racists."

In Houston Texas, a mosque was torched in an arson case, and as soon as word of the incident spread, "the Houston chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations called on authorities to investigate a possible bias motive in the case, citing what it called a ‘recent spike in hate incidents targeting mosques nationwide."

However, like always liberals are quick to jump to first conclusion that helps advance their agendas, even when that conclusion is blatantly false.

This incident turned out to not actually be a "hate crime" as the CAIR would want you to think. It turns out the one responsible for the fire was a Muslim and has now plead guilty of arson.

It's clear why these radicals would want to create chaos against Muslims in this country. It not only strengthens the narrative that Muslims everywhere are simply innocent victims of a xenophobic America, it also creates a distraction to point to when they get caught carrying out anti-American acts and once again try to convince America that they are in fact the victims.

It's good to actually have one of these whack-jobs exposed and help destroy the narrative that liberals have been trying to push that the rest of America is a bunch of xenophobes creating chaos and violence against the helpless Muslims. Maybe they should looking at who's really holding the match.

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Source: Geller Report

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