This election is centered on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as they vie for the White House. That's all well and good, but there are battles happening all across the country as established and seasoned politicians are facing some difficult challenges in keeping their own head above water.

One of those established politicians was a Democratic representative from Florida, Corinne Brown. But Brown's story differs from the four other incumbent politicians who have been ousted so far this year. If Clinton sounds crooked, Brown makes her look like an angel.

You see, Brown and her chief of staff have been charged with 24 individual counts of fraud and conspiracy. That's a heavy charge, but Brown earned every count.

It all started when Brown used a fake charity called One Door for Education Inc. to solicit funds from taxpayers. She not only used her influence as a representative to finagle more than $800,000 from people who thought they were donating to a charity, but she did it under completely false pretenses. One Door wasn't even properly organized as a charity and none of the money went to help poor students, as was advertised.

Brown used the money to purchase tickets to a Beyonce concert, buy an expensive box suite at an NFL game and even stage a golf tournament. All with funds that she'd stolen from American citizens.

She also used the money to fund private vacations to the Bahamas and Los Angeles.

Brown had served as a representative for her Florida district since 1993, a long tenure in the House. The fact that she was stealing this money and doing it through fraudulent means casts a shadow over all elected officials who've been in Washington for several years.

Can we trust these people? How many other officials are silently reaping the benefits of their office through fraud and cheating? I'll bet it's more than one.

h/t: The Hill

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