School bombings, no matter where they happen, are incredibly serious. Police and bomb squads take almost all threats very seriously and when race and religion tensions are involved things get even more professional.

That's why police reacted immediately when a Dearborn, Michigan woman reported that an "anonymous friend" was planning an attack on a Dearborn high school with a large Muslim population. It was only after further investigating the woman's claim that police realized she had fabricated the entire story.

Saida Chatti called Dearborn police about six days after the deadly terrorist attacks in Paris, France that killed over a hundred people. Chatti's fictitious "friend" supposedly overheard people talking about bombing a mostly-Muslim high school outside of Dearborn in retribution over the Paris attacks.

Lieutenant Ron Beggs of the Dearborn Police Department told reporters that they receive many threats like this and that they respond quickly to all of them. "We get a number of threats against Dearborn, mostly from people on Twitter and Facebook, especially after high-profile events like Paris, because of our Muslim population."

But it turns out that Chatti's friend was fabricated and that the entire story was a lie.

The question remains, however, why would Chatti lie about something as serious as that? As a result of the lie, the woman will receive more than five years in prison and she has a moderately high bail amount set as well. Why would she want to report a false bombing on a Muslim school?

It's likely and probable that Chatti's actions were intended to increase sympathy for American Muslims and to give more airtime to the idea that people are picking on Muslims. Though they are often targets for hate and ridicule, Chatti's fake bomb threat was an incendiary move to attempt to drum up further support.

Thankfully her lies have been uncovered. Let's just treat everyone equal, America. Okay?

h/t: Detroit News

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