It was never in doubt that the sudden influx of woman, I believe at last count an even dozen accusing Trump of sexual misconduct, was nothing more than a hoax, conjured up by Hillary surrogates and perhaps even by crooked Hillary herself.

Most likely Hillary saw an opportunity to piggyback on Trumps course audio spoken in private much like Obama’s “never let a crises go to waste” slogan, the Hillary Campaign took advantage of the situation and thus a bevy of sexually scorned woman were suddenly created and all taking turns and knocking at the door of the New York Times, to tell their harrowing encounter with sexual predator Donald Trump.

It was a production worthy of an Academy Award, with celebrity attorney and Clinton surrogate Gloria Allred parading one “damsel-in-distress” after another, with one holding a mini press briefing and committing with a her head bowed low, whispering; "He put me in an embrace and I tried to push him away. I pushed his chest to put space between us.”

However perhaps the one that actually sealed the deal for absurdity was Jessica Leeds, now 74,  and a once businesswoman who was apparently sitting next to Trump on a flight to New York  sometime in the early 80’s…”yes” I said the early 80’s, and for those individuals that have trouble with basic math that’s approximately (give or take a few years), about 30-years ago.

And her story as she outlined it to the New York Times seems to be the exact “word-for word” description from another published sexual assault case.


If her credibility isn't questionable enough Jessica Leeds is also directly tied to the Clinton Foundation...


Taking all this information into account and adding in that arm rests on planes were not liftable and you have a very dubious accusation in an attempt to smear Trump's good name.

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