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“The system is rigged” so says Donald Trump, however don’t take “the Donald’s word, after all he’s running against Hillary and company, and no doubt many of those blissfully ignorant Clinton supporters simply dismiss him as being this overbearing white rich guy, with a big mouth.

And yet with all of “the Donald’s” bluster, he’s seldom wrong, as just released hacked emails from Wikileaks just publicly exposed the depth of the media’s bias and their attempt to rig the system in Hillary’s favor.

“Surprise”…those leading the rig train are; Facebook, Google, MSNBC, NBC and countless other radical left-wing media and internet companies.

And while Trump has been personally targeted by these organizations the collusion although obviously apparent to all, has been difficult to actually prove until now, thanks in part to the incriminating emails and the paper trail provided by those emails.

Which shows Kenneth Vogel, a reporter for Politico, submitting his story about Clinton’s fundraising to the DNC, to the Clinton camp for her “approval” before publishing it…imagine for a moment if a Walter Cronkite (a committed liberal), would have sold his journalist integrity, in order to push his agenda.

The email in question below:
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Moreover rigging the system in favor of Democrats doesn’t need to be overt take for example Tom Stocky, the Facebook executive in charge of “Trending Topics”, and his wife an executive at Google, who have donated $5,400 to Hillary’s campaign, which of course they have every legal right to do.

However Stocky controls topics trending on Facebook, while Google the largest search engine in the world seems to have a different methodology then Yahoo and Bing, when searching for certain key words, that many times eliminates negative trending word associated with Democrats, such as Trumps famous “crooked” and “Hillary.”

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