People everywhere are quick to assume bigotry and assign it to conservatism or right-wing thinking. It seems like every stupid person being caught on camera these days is being labeled as a Trump supporter, a far-right extremist, or a right-wing fanatic.

But a hit and run accident on a Muslim woman in Molenbeek, Belgium that was labeled as being perpetrated by "grinning far-right extremists," turns out to actually have been carried out by two Muslim young men.

The situation occurred when the mayor of Brussels postponed an anti-immigration, pro-Belgium protest that was set to occur in the streets of the capital. But instead of letting the sentiment die out, left-wing opposition to the planned protest took to the streets crying for justice.

Several days later the Muslim woman was struck by the vehicle that new outlets around the world proclaimed was driven by, "Anti-Muslim Far Right Demonstrators" who had been held back from their protest and were now letting off steam by mowing people down in the street.

The truth, though, is so far from the news stories that its shameful.

The truth about the car that ran down the Muslim woman is simple. There were two Muslim youth, known to the police as Mohamed B and Redouane B, who were "reeking with alcohol" when they were finally stopped by police after having killed the woman and crashed into several motorcycles.

No, the driver wasn't out for Muslim blood and it wasn't a far right extremist by any stretch of the imagination.

Huffington Post, New York Post, Daily Mail, Evening Standard, and almost a dozen other news outlets reported that the driver was anti-Muslim. Can Muslim young men even think about being anti-Muslim?

It's time for us as a people to call out the news media for their inability to tell a straight story. This is the 21st century. We deserve the truth, not some trumped up, false claim!

h/t: Jihad Watch

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