Somehow it would seem that Hillary Clinton has been able to get away with just about every crime she's ever committed, no matter how public they become or what sort of evidence is out their proving her guilt. Her luck may have just ran out, when she stopped by an early voting location in Raleigh, North Carolina. It would seem all eyes were on her committing this crime and the cameras were rolling.

Many North Carolina residents waited patiently to cast their early votes at the Chavis Community Center in Raleigh, North Carolina. They weren't expecting to see the two black SUVs pull up and for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton to hop out of one.

Naturally many people began filming Hillary, completely unaware that they were in fact filming Hillary breaking the law.

Michael Gwin, one of the Clinton campaign staffers said that Hillary "heard how easy + convenient NC’s early voting is, so she decided to check it out for herself." So she decided to go "check it out" and took the opportunity to do a bit of campaigning of her own.

The big problem is that it's against electioneering laws to campaign at a polling station.

The American Mirror reports that Wake County polling location regulations clearly state:

N.C.G.S. §163-166.4(a) states, “No person or group of persons shall hinder access, harass others, distribute campaign literature, place political advertising, solicit votes, or otherwise engage in election-related activity in the voting place or in a buffer zone…”

The buffer zone will be 50 feet from the entrance to the polling place except where deemed by the Wake County Board of Elections to be necessarily closer, but no less than 25 feet from the entrance to the polling place. There will be publication of information regarding the entrance location and distance of the buffer zone no later than 30 days before the election

Now there are not any clear pictures that show whether or not she was within 50 ft of the entrance for sure. She obviously meant to have an impact on voters' decisions. She obviously doesn't care much about the laws and is perfectly fine doing whatever it takes to get a leg up, even if that means breaking the law to do so.

She has obviously been allowed to get away with breaking the law for far too long. The only thing that we can do is to try to make sure that she is not elected and that Donald Trump finally holds her accountable if he gets elected.

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Source: Mad World News


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