The Founding Fathers may have been predicting our day when they made sure that the freedom to assemble was in the First Amendment to the Constitution. It was such an important aspect of living in America that they wanted to ensure that no one could infringe on that right.

But with Donald Trump's secure position at the top of the Republican party, rally-goers across the country are facing violent protests that are hardly being policed at all. Is this an infringement of Trump supporters' right to assemble? It's sure close.

Recently, protesters took to the streets of San Jose, California to violently protest the arrival and rally of Donald Trump. Mobs of young people roamed the streets, some carrying batons and other battering devices, most wearing hats and sunglasses to try and remain anonymous.

They pushed and shoved Trump supporters, sucker-punched others, and even threw eggs at one woman. Watching the wildness erupt on videos that bystanders recorded, it's hard to believe that the things taped occurred in America.

Thankfully police have arrested four young thugs who were involved in the anti-Trump violence.

Here are their names: "Ahmed Abdirahman, 19-years-old from Santa Clara; Robert Trillo, 18-years-old from San Jose; Antonio Fernandez, 19-years-old from San Jose; and Michael Kitaigorodsky, 19-years-old from San Jose."

As you can see from these young men's last names, race had a lot to do with who was involved in the altercations. And it's good to see police finally making an effort to arrest some of these thugs.

The night of the rally, multiple people were assaulted and injured, but only four of the anti-Trumpers were arrested. With these four the count has now risen to eight.

Anti-Trump supporters, give it up. It's every Americans' right to support who they want for president and to publicly do that. If you don't like Trump, come out to the polls in November.

And police--start protecting these people. It's sickening to see these thugs beating up elderly people and women, just because they don't agree with their politics.

h/t: 100 Percent Fed Up

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