A local seafood restaurant owner in Florida has had enough with what's going in America today. Eventually he became too fed up to hold his tongue any longer and decided to make major statement. He decided to put up four brutally honest phrases outside his business to show exactly how he feels. Without a care for who he might offend by his bold statement, he infuriated one group people even more than he expected to. This one group of thugs pushed back hard but they didn't realize what a big mistake they had made.

William "Bill" Davis has always served the people of Sarasota seafood the freshest seafood at his restaurant Barnacle Bill’s Seafood Restaurant. He has always provided friendly customer service and delicious meals to his customers without saying too much about his personal feelings or opinions.

Bill said that since he was in the service industry he tried to keep his own beliefs and opinions to himself, but just couldn't hold his tongue any longer after seeing what Hillary Clinton is trying to do with her band of Black Lives Matter thugs.

Eventually Bill proudly displayed his political views and throw it in the BLM's face by putting up four bold statements on his restaurant's sign. When liberals saw the sign they decided to retaliate but weren't expecting Bill to fight back.

Bill showed the whole town his true colors by making four simple statements about how he really feels, "NRA MEMBER, CONCEALED CARRY OK, NOT A DEPLORABLE, VOTE TRUMP."


Some of Bill's old liberal customers were immediately outraged by Bill's sign saying that they were disgusted that they had eaten at such a "far right" establishment. Bill said that he received over a thousand calls and emails from former customers expressing their resentment for Bill and saying that they would never be back.

Some of those outraged by the sign did return. However, it wasn't to eat. Too bad for them, they quickly realized just how big of a mistake they had made.

The ABC affiliate in Florida reported Hillary supporters were planning a protest to march over to Bill's restaurant and take down his sign, which he is well within his First Amendment right for putting up in the first place. Liberals only ever want to acknowledge people's First Amendment if it helps them advance their wildly radical liberal agenda, but if anyone ever says anything to upset them then they toss that right out the window.

Trump supporters also heard rumors of the planned march and arranged to meet them there at the same time.

Just like most of Hillary's official events the turnout left something to be desired. On the other hand, Trump supporters came out in full force. Only around 20 liberals showed up to shout at them to take down the sign, whereas there was somewhere around 100 Trump supporters there to tell them to be quiet and go home.

It didn't end there. Instead of business declining from the upset liberals saying that they were never going to dine again, business is booming. Conservatives from all over the area are now flocking to Bill's restaurant. It looks like the tides may be changing across America. People are clearly fed up with the whiny liberals doing no work and demanding that they get what they want. Let's just hope Trump wins the election and puts these Democrats back in their place.

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Source: Mad World News



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