Sometimes it takes an intense situation where you desperately need help to help you realize what you've taken for granted. Such was the case in New York City recently, where anti-police protesters found themselves in dire need of help.

Protesters from an activist group called Disarm the Police met at Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn, New York to protest police by burning an American flag. Even though fires and burning of any objects is forbidden inside the park, the members of Disarm the Police decided to bring a portable grill and burn the flag using that.

Unfortunately for them, Disarm the Police made sure to advertise their upcoming demonstration on social media. When they arrived at the park the two dozen or so members of Disarm the Police found a crowd had formed, waiting for their demonstration. Dispersed among the crowd were approximately forty members of a biker group called the Hallowed Sons Motorcycle Club.

As members of Disarm the Police fired up their grill and began to fire up the American flag, members of the motorcycle club sprang into action.

One of the bikers reportedly kicked open the small grill where the American flag had been burning, causing hot coals to fly everywhere. Other motorcycle club members roughed up a few of the protesters, reporting that they "took off running once they got slapped once or twice."

Irony of ironies it was the New York Police Department who stepped in to protect the members of Disarm the Police and who safely walked them out of the park. It is impressive to note, however, that no arrests were made in conjunction with the attack on the anti-police protesters.

Hats off to the men and women of the NYPD who have to deal with crybabies like Disarm the Police everyday, but still have the courtesy to step in and protect them when they put their foots in their mouths.

h/t: LiveLeak, New York Post

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