I’m always a little baffled as to why a thug would not expect an elderly couple to be armed, if anything those are the folks most vulnerable, and in need of an equalizer, and those folks most likely than not, know how to use the weapon…”slow and steady and squeeze!”

This incident took place in Albuquerque, New Mexico, as this unlucky thief began ransacking a parked vehicle, when he was suddenly confronted by the elderly couple who apparently owned the vehicle, and with both holding a shotgun and a pistol, respectively.

However to make matters even worst for this hapless thief, he had just been released from jail earlier in the day, and went right back to robbing homes and stealing vehicles.

However this time he picked the wrong vehicle to ransack, thinking perhaps the couple would be easy pickings, and immediately regretted his decision.

The dramatic video footage captures the hapless thief Aaron Lujan, 26 on the ground, while the elderly couple point their weapons and order him to stay put while they call police.

What’s always amusing is that young punks think that just because someone is seasoned, that somehow they’re too frail to simply “squeeze off” a few rounds.

If anything our Second Amendment right for vulnerable seniors is just as important as their Social Security benefits and their Medicaid, and should never be infringed upon…did you get that Obama?

Here is the video released by Police:

H/T: American News

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