There have been a lot of crazy lawsuits over the years. Who can forget the infamous woman who sued McDonald's because she burnt herself on her coffee? Most of the time when we hear about these inane lawsuits, we simply shake our heads and continue with our day. But this one is so ridiculous that it might cause you to actually get up and so something.

You see, a burglar who was shot by a homeowner in the middle of a robbery in Portland, Oregon is suing that homeowner for the damage done to him.

That's how ridiculous this world has become.

Here's what happened.

In April 2014 David McLaughlin was inside his home when he heard the alarm to his security system going off in his garage. McLaughlin exited his house only to see a man fleeing his garage and running off of his property and down the road. That man was David Bailey and he wasn't smart or lucky that night.

McLaughlin was armed and shot at Bailey three times, grazing Bailey's arm with one of the shots. In any normal story, that would be the end of the story. Not here, however.

Even though authorities agreed that it was Bailey who broke into McLaughlin's home and Bailey himself plead guilty of robbery, a superior court in September 2014 found McLaughlin guilty of what they called "criminal recklessness and sentenced him to 60 days jail time.

Bailey never went to jail and simply started serving a sentence of three years electronic home detention.

But just last week Bailey hired lawyers to sue McLaughlin for "a monetary award in an amount sufficient to compensate (Bailey) for all damages," which occurred against Bailey. The suit is arguing that one of McLaughlin's shots hit an artery in Bailey's arm, which has debilitated his life.

This is real life, people. There is a convicted robber who was shot by a homeowner trying to protect his property and that homeowner is the one facing severe penalties.

What kind of twisted criminal justice system is being run in this country? Where is the justice?

h/t: The Star Press

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