The King is rolling over in his grave, and we are not talking about Elvis.

We are talking about the home of the Whopper and his royal highness—Burger King.

The burger chain has acquired about 370 chain restaurants in Paris, France, bringing their total fast food dining outlets to 400. 

The result of this mass acquisition of the Quick chains, by Burger King, is more Hilal. Yes, more Sharia Law compliant dining choices. 

Fundamental radical Islam is extending its reach deeper into our lives. It is not enough that their menu choices are available in the fast food chains, it is that they do not want those products that run counter to their belief system available to anyone. 

Ten-percent of the Quick chains will only sell Hilal foods. Say good-bye to pork and chicken.  Say hello to goat. Or, whatever it is that is Hilal.

What is even more disturbing is the fact that Burger King is doing business with the very people who support, either philosophically, or boldly, the notion of Sharia Law and radical Islam.

Burger King should not be doing business with them until they renounce radical Islam and Sharia. Therefore, none of use should be doing business with Burger King.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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