Sometimes kids really show their peers how one should behave.

In this case, it is obvious this young man’s parents are raising him up proper.

This was an instance where a young man stepped in between a bully and a victim.

However, violence was not the way in which this particular issue was settled. Rather, it was with grace and compassion.

The victim was being bullied over his shoes.

How juvenile is that?

These were not young children, but appear to be high schoolers.

Another young man, disgusted by the bullies, bought the victim a pair of LeBron James shoes and gave them to him at school.

This is what it’s all about.

A kid was being bullied for his shoes at school, so another kid bought him some LeBron James the next day.

Posted by FOX Sports Live on Tuesday, 17 November 2015

While race should not be a factor, given the racial tensions and violence running amok today, this instance is one that should teach us all color is only skin deep and nothing more.

Source: Qpolitical



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