In less than 30 secs you will go from rage to that of your inner-voice shouting, “booyah!” If you are of the mentality that bullies need an a**-whooping to straighten them out, that is, and not the namby-pamby hand-holding anti-bullying re-education camps that are our schools.

Watch this clip. At Huntington Beach High School, California, a blind kid gets jumped. He, Austin, is being punched in the head and stumbles backwards while trying to shield his face from the blows that he cannot see coming. A bunch of kids, disgustingly, stand around and do nothing.

One individual, who comes out of nowhere, and nails the bully in TKO fashion face-planting him into the sidewalk pavement. The hero, whose parents should be supremely proud, walks over to Austin and asks him if he is okay and then takes him away from the situation. The bully regains consciousness and is told by the hero-kid, in no uncertain terms, that he better never do anything like that again or he will seriously mess him up.

This is how you put a stop to bullying.

Source: Mad World News

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